Lift King LK800 Professional

Lift King LK800 Professional

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May Special offer Kit includes :-

1 x Lift King LK800 Garage Door Opener ( With 1 piece 3 metre driving rail )
3 x Mini Remote's with 35 Metre Range ( 1 Extra free worth £29.99 )
1 x Internal Illuminated Wall Mounted Switch, with 5 metre's of cable ( Extra worth £29.99 )
Built in Automatic Safety Stop and Reverse System
Built in Emergency Release lever in case of powercut
All Fixings, Brackets/Dexion and Installation/Operating Manuals and Quickstart sheet
Full 5 Year Warranty ( Inc Motor )
Free Delivery

The Lift King LK800 is an Ultra quiet chain drive 800 newton Garage Door Opener, which will open both Single and Double, Sectional, Retractable and Up and Over Garage Doors up to 5 metre wide and 150kg in weight with ease, and thanks to its Universal Fittings, you will be able to fit it to any make of Garage Door. The unit is programmed with Soft Start and Soft Stop technology to open the garage door Slowly....then speed up....and come to a stop slowly, smoothly, and quietly.

The Unit is supplied with a 1 piece 3 metre rail where the chain is already pre assembled and pre tensioned within the raceway making it quick and easy to assemble onto the motor head. Anyone with a small amount of DIY experience will have the Garage Door Opener up and running in no time. ( Approx 1.5 hours ) The rail can be reduced in length if required. Please also remember that chain is more durable and longer lasting than any belt drive systems on the market.

The drive system is fitted with a very powerful 800 Newton 24 V, DC Motor which is also engineered to run quietly and smoothly. The opener also has an Automatic Safety stop and reverse system built in, which will stop and reverse the door automatically if obstructed going down, and stop if obstructed going up. The door can also be stopped and locked at any height for ventilation.

Programming is made simple with the Lift King LK800 with EASYSTART technology. It's very simple to set both the open and close positions with the push of a button, also very simple to retune additional Mini Remote Controllers in as well.

The Lift King LK800 is very easy to install, set up and operate and runs of a standard 3 pin 240 volt AC supply, and is already fitted with a moulded 3 pin ( fused ) plug. The mains supply then gets transformed internally to a 24 v DC circuit which will extend the life of the motor much longer than an coventional AC circuit.


Every Lift King Automatic Garage Door Opener is supplied with 3 x Mini Remote Controllers (May Special Offer ) using 433.92 Mhz operating frequency with a 30 metre range, and rolling code technology giving you 74 trillion codes for untimate security. The Mini Remote Controller has 3 buttons so you can control up to three different doors, with a range of 30 metres. We also supply an Illuminated Internal Wall Mounted Switch with 5 metre's of cable ( May Special Offer ), together with all necessary fixings for installation of the Lift King LK800 and Operating/Installation manuals.

To welcome you into the garage, a courtesy light comes on automatically when the door is opened and switches off automatically after 2 minutes.

With the addition of a Canopy bow arm converter kit your Lift King LK800 Automatic Garage Door Opener can open a Canopy Door. We supply Canopy Arms as well.